Know the Difference Between OEE and OEM – Auto Glass

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The windshield is the common equipment present in most automobiles. When a person has purchased or leased a vehicle and finds the glass damaged, they would contact the auto glass company. Well, some companies recommend using OEE that is original equivalent equipment instead of getting the part from the original equipment manufacturer. Do you the real difference between the two? The OEE product will look similar as the one given by the OEM. You will find the logo of OEM missing in the glass piece. The OEM distribute original parts, and it will be used by the maker of the vehicle while assembling the vehicle. The third party companies produce parts to use in the aftermarket. It is referred as OEE.

Some auto glass installation company will remove the logo of the windshields manufacturer to fool customers and show them that it is an original product. When you are buying glass from a manufacturer, you can see the label and certification. It will be about one square inch and placed on the windshield. When you see the manufacturer logo, you can get various details like where it was manufactured, when it was manufactured and about the transportation department. It is against the law to sell by removing the logo.

There are several differences between the OEE and OEM.

Side view clarity: When the glass is slightly bent during the manufacturing process, it will have some distortion. It is easily when viewed from side position. It is mostly described as waviness or waves. The aftermarket glass is pushed, shaped and fired when it is manufactured in a different manner. The manufacturing process of OEE will remain different than the original process or by the vehicle producer. Due to certain changes in the production process, there are chances to see more distortion in the glass.

Safety: Both OEM and OEE glasses meet the safety standards, and it will also be taken through various licenses and certification process. Several car glass installation company will take this as an advantage and try to sell their products equal to the OEM’s product.

Vehicle maker or manufacturer logo: The OEM windshields come with a standard logo. It goes with the other fragments of glass on the vehicle. If you have changed your glass recently, then you can easily check the logo. When you want to confirm whether they have fixed the right glass, you can check the logo and find its genuineness. The logo will hold either original vendor logo or the vehicle manufacturer logo.